C & C++ Programming

At the Completion on C & C++ Programming course the students will have full professional knowlege of coding skills, developing logics and complited more than 70 programes. We are the best providers of C C++ Training in navi mumbai, kharghar with excellent placements. By giving the perfect C C++ Training in navi mumbai, we differ very much from others.By the expert guidance in learning C C++ Training in navi mumbai we can proudly say we are the top providers.

Target Audience
10th & 12th class students Undergraduates, Graduates Post-Graduates & Job aspirants

Pre-requisites for C & C++
Computer Basics

1 Months Duration, Classes taken 5 Days a week

5 day in a week, Weekend batch, Only Sunday batch

Fee Structure
Full Package 6000/-

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C & C++

C Programming Syllabus

1. Data types.
2. Operators.
3. Control Structure.
4. Loops.

1. Introduction to Functions.
2. Standard & User defined Functions.
3. Storage Class.
4. Pass by Value, pass by Reference.
5. Recursive Functions.

1. Introduction to Pointers.
2. Pointers to variable.
3. Pointers to pointers.

1. Introduction to Arrays.
2. Arrays with pointers.
3. Arrays with functions.
4. Types of Arrays.

1. Introduction to Strings.
2. String Functions.
3. Array of Strings

1. Enum and typedef.
2. Introduction to Structures.
3. Defining Structures.
4. Struct with pointers , arrays, strings and Functions.
5. Union, Different between Structure & Union.

1. Introduction to files.
2. Types of Files.
3. File Pointers.
4. Opening & Closing Files.
5. Modifying & deleting Files.

C++ Programming Syllabus

1. Oops.
2. Function Prototypes.
4. Typecasting.
5. Void Pointers.
6. The :: operator.
7. Reference variables.

1. Function Prototypes.
2. Function Overloading.
3. Call by value, address & reference.
4. Return by value, by address & By reference.
5. Inline Functions.

1. Class and Constructors.
2. Destructors.
3. Copy Constructor.
4. The this Pointer.
5. New and delete Operators.
6. Using new and delete.
7. Malloc ( ) / free ( ) versus new/delete.
8. Class, Objects and Memory.
9. Structures vs. Class.

1. Introduction.
2. Overloading assignment operator.
3. Overloading Logical operators.

1. Constructors in Inheritance.
2. Private Inheritance.
3. Protected Inheritance.
4. Virtual Function.
5. Pure virtual functions.
6. Abstract class.

1. Manipulators.
2. File I/O with Streams.
3. Opening and closing files.
4. Binary I/O.

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